Here are a few tips when using the calculator:

1) Typically width and depth measurements are done in feet. Many folks then jump to inches for depth. But when they input the numbers in the calculator, they accidently leave the value as feet, rather than inches. The result is an amount that is way off!

2) Compost and Compost / Dirt products will settle after being placed. A safe rule of thumb is increase the depth measurement by 15% to account for the settling. Once you add water, the height will drop to the final desired level. So if the measured depth is 4.5”, then you would calculate by multiplying 4.5” x 1.15 = 5.18”. For length and width, use the numbers you measured. In the depth box, put 5.1” rather than 4.5”. The result will give you an order amount that will account for settling.

Cubic Yardage Calculator

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